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Wide Area Network (WAN) Systems to Connect Multi-Site Organizations in Puerto Rico

When it comes to data transmission, a Local Area Network (LAN) works well for companies with one or two locations, but those with multiple sites across a large geographic area need a different approach. In these cases, a Wide Area Network (WAN) is often deployed to provide a direct connection between sites.

Recently, we designed and implemented a multi-site WAN network for one of our clients in the federal government. They needed a secure solution to monitor and manage their multiple facilities throughout Puerto Rico directly from their central offices. That is where our team and partners came in to design a custom-built system up to the clients’ requirements.

Our certified technicians, IT experts and networking partners deployed a custom WAN system to provide a robust data network with centralized management. Security systems from all sites — video surveillance and access control systems — were effectively incorporated into the WAN infrastructure. These systems are now monitored through a central dashboard, eliminating the need for security personnel at each facility.

Since the WAN infrastructure is private (does not connect to the internet), it is invisible to third parties and sensitive data is transported safely. A physical connection to the network — only authorized individuals at each client’s facilities — is needed to access data, allowing a higher level of security than other solutions. This has also significantly reduced response time for troubleshooting and repairs, maximizing up-time and reliability.

By deploying a WAN, the client also benefits from network performance consistency. Since their data does not have to compete with other internet data for bandwidth, they are not affected by network latency and high bandwidth is ensured.

Are you interested in a WAN solution? Book your consultation! Considering your space, goals, technology requirements and budget, we can design a system that is customized to your business’s needs (and even grow with you). At EAS we’re experts at designing, implementing and maintaining a wide variety of security and IT solutions that work for you and we’re committed to protect your most valuable assets.

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