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Why Credentials Matter: Partnering With A Security Company with Federal Credentials is A Smart Move

If you wouldn’t let just anyone walk into your house, why would you let just anyone work on your business security? When it comes to ensuring the safety and continued operations of your company, you want to make sure to employ and partner with the best and most highly vetted vendors available, whose expertise is only matched by their level of trust and accountability.

Why should you only work with accredited vendors?

Sometimes we’ll pay more attention to a restaurant’s Yelp reviews and Facebook followers to make a dinner reservation, than to the level of accreditation of some of the companies we employ for our business needs. While it is true that these forms of social proof can provide some level of comfort, the peace of mind of working with a company whose management is vetted and tested can provide a level of assurance that weaker competitors can’t match.

That’s why at EAS we have invested countless hours in research, education, and compliance with top-notch professional associations and regulatory agencies (at state and federal levels), to provide informed, current and legal assessments to a wide array of security applications. The alternative could translate into horrible experiences involving faulty equipment installations, poor security management, and data breaches. In sum, it really pays to have a fully-accredited, industry-savvy and duly licensed vendor on your team.

For example, at EAS all our staff enjoys a higher level of clearance than it is customary in Puerto Rico, as we are authorized to work under stricter frameworks and environments with our TWIC (Transportation Worker Identity Credential) clearance. This government program issues specialized biometric tamper-resistant cards to workers of a certain class and the workers who are required to obtain one of these cards includes anyone who works at a government-designated sensitive site such as military installations, docks, and other sensitive areas. This comes standard at our office (yes, that means that your installer will have the same level of clearance as members of the Merchant Marines, longshoremen, truck drivers, and anyone else who needs to work at sensitive sites without a security escort). In order to obtain one of these identification cards, the worker in question has to go through a rigorous application procedure. During this process, the individual is required to provide biometric information about themselves, such as fingerprints and in some cases retinal scans. Additionally, staff must undergo a stringent background checking process. This is governed by the TSA, and individuals are investigated to ascertain whether they have a criminal or arrest record, and also to find out if they have been found guilty of one of many disqualifying offenses. It’s a fantastic standard to comply with to provide our clients peace of mind.

Meanwhile, EAS and its staff are SB8A certified, which allows our personnel to take advantage of specialized business training, counseling, marketing assistance and high-level executive development, provided by the Small Business Administration and its resource partners. This extensive knowledge and access to new tools are translated into excellent service and new opportunities for our clients. This is a specialized designation that allows us to work with top echelon government partners, and that level of vetting is hard to beat among most of our competitors.

These are just a few of our extensive credentials, illustrated to highlight the depth of assurance your business should always look for amid its vendors and partners. How closely are you monitoring the accreditations and regulatory agencies your vendors are aligned with?


How to check if your vendor is accredited or duly licensed?

Each trade association, government agency or alike regulatory agency will have its own protocol for verification, but a few things to consider when verifying the good standing of a corporation include:

  • Check an online listing for members and make sure that the membership – or credit hour requirement, license number, etc. – are still in effect. Not because a company was a member of an organization several years ago means they are still compliant.
  • Request a letter of verification from the agency (or have your vendor provide one from them).
  • Look up license or member numbers when appropriate.
  • It never hurts to ask for references. Old clients and partners will be happy to furnish insight when verifying a potential vendor.


If you’re ready to implement a security system strategy (even if under the strictest parameters found in Puerto Rico), call us for a consultation, where you will be fully assured of our expertise, deep accountability, excellent professional relationships and above all, deep sense of trust.


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