Why Businesses in Puerto Rico Must Disaster Proof Their Data

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake that struck Puerto Rico earlier this month caused an island-wide blackout and severe damage in the southwestern region, our city of Ponce included. Hundreds of businesses were affected, creating a financial crisis on top. (This after still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria.) After major disasters, many businesses fail to get back off the ground not only because their facilities were damaged, but because they lost mission-critical data in the process.

Client information, patients’ records, supply chain data, applications? Can your company run without it? For many businesses, being down for a few days would be catastrophic. Without having a data protection and recovery strategy in place, they are leaving themselves wide open to significant financial and reputational loss.

A solution for EVERY business (yours too!)

That’s where our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) comes in. Before our partner Infrascale launched this turnkey, accessible product, Disaster Recovery solutions were reserved almost exclusively for corporations with massive data and IT budgets that could host their own complex, off-site structures. The folks at Infrascale have bridged that gap by giving the power back to the client, with a price that can even be met by SMBs and single-member consulting businesses. (Yes, even doctors and lawyers can afford this!) Having a safe, reliable data security solution allows you to smoothly restore operations, keep employees productive and avoid disruption with your clients, no matter what happens.



DRaaS dashboard
Easy to use! You can easily setup your data protection needs in a single pane of glass, all centrally managed through the dashboard.


When disaster strikes…

DRaaS uses a cloud provider’s computers, networking and storage capabilities to act as the target site. This is where your company’s critical data and applications can be replicated and recovered if the unexpected happens. When a natural disaster occurs, your facilities may get flooded or destroyed, taking out your primary storage and local backup appliance. With DRaaS, you can log into the web-based dashboard from anywhere, navigate to the specific servers destroyed by the disaster, and instantly “boot the servers” to bring applications and key files online in minutes. No need to setup a new server, download data from the cloud, or re-install applications. No downtime, no data loss, no expensive hardware and no complex steps. Plus, this works for micro disasters too—hardware failure, corrupted software, human errors or even spilt coffee!

The time to think about DRaaS is now.

Want to see in action? Interested in a price quote? Contact us to schedule a demo and talk about all the ways DRaaS can help your business achieve the stability and data security it deserves. [We’re now offering 1-yr contracts for both the 1TB–3TB and the 4TB+ packages.]


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