Seneca Network Video Recorder (NVR)

What Is a Network Video Recorder (NVR)?

When looking into video surveillance systems, you will come across the network video recorder (NVR). Network Video Recorders are an important part of your IP video surveillance system—one that has replaced legacy digital video recorders (DVR). This appliance allows surveillance footage to be recorded and stored, both online and offline, to a hard disk, cloud, or any mass storage device.

Unlike DVRs, that work with analog cameras, NVRs integrate with internet protocol (IP) cameras. The IP cameras process the footage and then stream it to the NVR for viewing and storage. When comparing both systems, NVRs:

  • Provide better image quality and store footage at a higher frame rate
  • Can connect to the internet (enabling remote viewing) but can also operate on a closed circuit
  • Are readily more scalable
  • Require only one (1) cable for video, audio and power

Network video recorders can also include an integrated video management system (VMS). This comes with a long list of benefits such as: user-friendly interfaces, real-time monitoring and customized event alerts, advanced analytics, video search, greater camera compatibility, and integration with other systems such as access control and alarm systems, among many others.

Product Spotlight: Seneca Network Video Recorders

Today we’re showcasing one of our preferred product lines of network video recorders for businesses and organizations in Puerto Rico—from our partners at Seneca. Seneca, an Arrow company, provides a full range of specialized hardware for the physical security and visual media markets, with a track record of 35 years of consistent growth.

The Seneca NVR Servers are all-in-one video surveillance storage/management systems designed to support IP-based digital cameras. The all-in-one servers record video in a digital format and store it directly on internal disk drives or direct attached storage. The product line supports recording performance from 1 to 1000s of connected cameras and days to years of storage retention.

The Seneca NVR product line supports single site, light commercial installations all the way up to multi-site, large commercial surveillance projects. From the Omni Series standalone systems to the Certainty 400 enterprise level servers, there’s a Seneca NVR to fill your needs. The line also includes a Rugged Server Series to support projects with special environmental and performance requirements such as military, industrial, aerospace and power stations.

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