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We provide you with a video surveillance system with comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your needs. We work with the best security cameras, CCTV and security systems in the industry, designed to deliver exceptional performance in indoor and outdoor environments for your business.

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Custom Video Surveillance for Businesses in PR

As commercial facilities become more complex, the need for intelligent security solutions increases. EAS security cameras and video management solutions are designed for commercial environments such as office complexes, shopping centers, hotels, and more.

With networked video recording solutions that can be easily integrated into your existing systems, the video management system ensures comprehensive, real-time monitoring over multiple sites.

We have the Video Surveillance System experience and solutions you need.

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Video Surveillance Brands

Video surveillance with security cameras for specific locations in your business

Businesses and offices have unique security needs. There is merchandise security to consider, as well as building security and after-hours parking.

Video surveillance solutions that provide 24/7 coverage of the physical environment are needed. For companies looking to step up in their industry, it is crucial to integrate advanced surveillance systems.

EAS Systems, Inc. will tailor video surveillance solutions to meet the different needs of your business or factory to create secure spaces that promote productivity.

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At EAS we only work with the best brands in the industry. That’s why we are proud to partner with world leaders in video security solutions for commercial video surveillance systems in Puerto Rico.

More secure

Video transmission is encrypted and authenticated.


You can view footage and control the system anytime and anywhere, from any device.

Open platform

IP cameras can be easily integrated to other security systems and web-based applications.

Convenient storage

No need for disks or tapes. Footage goes straight to the cloud-based server or local network attached server, which also allows for search functions and faster data access.


IP systems give you more flexibility to scale up to meet your evolving needs.


People counting, object tracking, tamper detection, automatic number plate recognition and so much more!

What are the benefits of custom surveillance cameras?

A surveillance system specifically designed to meet the demands of your business will definitely deliver the best possible protection for your guests, employees and property. In terms of value, a customized system can certainly lessen the cost of repairs and downtime by meeting all your security requirements.

At EAS, our mission is to ensure that you have the best possible surveillance strategy. Our fully accredited and industry-savvy security professionals will work with the Pelco Special Modification Requests (SMR) team for a seamless security system integration that meets your business’s needs.

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