Our Top 3 VideoXpert™ Integrations

We’ve mentioned here and here just how much we love Pelco‘s VideoXpert™ VMS as a reliable and trusted solution. And the best thing? So many integrations! With VideoXpert comes a long list of plug-ins that allow security professionals to monitor daily operations, easily see what they need to see (when they want to see it) and make fast, effective decisions remotely. For large organizations looking to elevate their security infrastructure, here are our top 3 VideoXpert integrations!



plates screen capture
VideoXpert Plates ALPR


1. VideoXpert Plates

VideoXpert Plates is a software-based Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system for capturing and detecting vehicle plates, using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine technology. By comparing captured plates against user-defined lists of license plates, the system identifies VIPs or suspect vehicles, enables entry or exit applications, catalogs unknown vehicles and alerts operators accordingly. This speeds up queues and reduces the need for additional security staff. VideoXpert Plates will detect and capture plates up to 150mph.

Good to know: VideoXpert Plates simultaneously reads plates from 200+ countries, provinces, and states, so local traffic and visiting vehicles will both be recognized.

Perfect for: Cities, airports, casinos, government facilities, commercial operations, educational campuses and other applications that need highly accurate license plate recognition.


2. iView Systems’ iTrak

This integration provides users with the ability to link video captured by VideoXpert with the reporting capabilities of iTrak, delivering a centralized UI for incident and risk management. When an incident is detected, the video captured in the Ops Center is exported as an Incident File with supporting narrative or media attachments, making it possible to access all relevant data in a single location.

Good to know: The Incident File feature captures critical incident data including location, sub-location, date and time as well as a short description of the incident. The notifications module allows configuration of automated notifications (alerts, e-mails, etc.) to selected users/groups based on pre-configured events or activities such as defined incident type creation, overdue or expired training, etc.

Perfect for: Multi-site/multi-departmental applications in all industries.


3. AMAG‘s Symmetry

The Symmetry plug-in provides event information directly into VideoXpert from the Symmetry Security Management platform. This provides the perfect blend of event-based information from the Access Control platform combined with the powerful video functionality of VX, allowing operators to make intelligent decisions with the information available from both systems in an easy to use unified interface. Cardholder information is presented alongside events (and associated video), as well as the ability to acknowledge alarms and override doors.

Good to know: Instant lock-down capabilities let you change the level of security in the event of an emergency, putting control in the user’s hands.

Perfect for: Small to large organizations requiring an access control and security management system that can use existing corporate networks.


Want to know how VideoXpert and its many integrations can make a difference to YOUR organization? Contact us! We’d be happy to evaluate your current systems or consult on a brand new installation and advise on the best course of action. At EAS we are experts at designing, implementing and maintaining a wide variety of security and IT solutions that work for you and we are committed to protect your most valuable assets.


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