The Easy Way To Transform Your Access Control System

Today we’re showcasing one of our NEW favorite access control solutions for businesses and organizations in Puerto RicoBioConnect’s Unified Mobile Access Solution. This exciting system easily transforms a conventional card reader into a 2-factor authentication biometric solution…without ripping and replacing your existing system! It’s a convenient, flexible and scalable method of adding an extra layer of security to physical access points and elevating your organization’s access control system.

BioConnect’s Unified Mobile Access Solution components:

  1. Your existing access control card reader – The solution integrates with access control systems globally, allowing for automatic sync of user data across systems while maintaining existing user access privileges and policies.  
  2. BioConnect Link Device – A small device installed between your reader and the ACM panel. The Wiegand from the door reader is plugged into the device inputs. The same terminal then outputs the Wiegand back out to the panel.
  3. Mobile Authenticator – The second factor of authentication to the presented card. This can be BioConnect’s own mobile authentication app with biometrics, or an integrated partner technology like Duo, Ping ID and Okta. 
  4. Administration Console – The BioConnect Link administration console is an online portal for user management, device management, account alerts and notifications, system configuration and step-up scheduling. 

How the access control system works:

When a user taps their card, BioConnect Link reads the Wiegand signal correlated to the user’s card with a 2FA credential. A step-up request is then sent to the user’s mobile phone. Once BioConnect Link receives an ‘Approved’ response, the Wiegand signal is released to the ACM panel to open the door. (See it in action here.)

How BioConnect’s Unified Mobile Access Solution works

Won “Best Emerging Technology in 2020” at ISC West New Product Showcase.

Additional features:

  • Up and running in 30 minutes or less
  • Cloud-based solution means no hosting costs
  • 1/10th the cost of an on-premise solution
  • Meets data security and encryption standards
  • Designed to combat COVID-19 spread (touchless access control solution)

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