Structured Cabling in Puerto Rico

Structured cabling is an important part of any company. It is the backbone of communication and data exchange. EAS provides reliable and efficient structured cabling solutions to suit your business with top-quality materials, guaranteed to complement the physical layer of the organization’s network.

Structured Cabling in Puerto Rico

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Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling solutions provide a reliable and efficient way to implement your network infrastructure. Structured cabling is a comprehensive approach to designing and deploying a network infrastructure that is designed to be reliable, flexible, and scalable.

This type of cabling provides a secure and reliable connection between devices and allows for easy expansion and upgrading. Additionally, it is ideal for businesses of any size and can help reduce costs and improve network performance.

Twisted pair cable

Is one of the most common types of structured cabling, which uses insulated copper wires to transmit data. Structured cabling is used to connect computers and other devices to allow them to share information. This type of cabling, that is also referred to as LAN cabling, is typically used for local area networks.

Twisted pair cable is a popular choice for this type of network, due to its low cost and flexibility. It is also resistant to interference, making it reliable for data transmission. Structured cabling is an essential part of any network, as it provides a secure and reliable connection that can be relied on.

Fiber optic cable

Is also a popular option, as it can provide higher speeds and greater distances than twisted pair cable. Structured cabling utilizes fiber optic cables to transmit data between computers and other devices. These fiber optic cables have the capability to transmit large amounts of data at higher speeds and over longer distances than traditional twisted pair cables.

Fiber optic cables are also more secure, making them a great option for businesses that need to protect their sensitive data. Structured cabling is an essential part of any modern business and can help to ensure that data is transmitted securely and quickly.

fiber optic cable

Coaxial cable

Structured cabling systems that use coaxial cables are also highly beneficial, as they provide superior protection against interference when compared with other types of cables such as twisted pair or fiber optics. Using coaxial cables to create a high-performance network is an ideal solution for many applications and businesses today.

Benefits of Structured Cabling: making IT simple, efficient, and reliable

Structured cabling is the backbone of any modern digital system. It provides the infrastructure for data, voice, and other services to be distributed throughout a building or even multiple buildings. While it may sound intimidating, it can be an invaluable asset that provides a lot of advantages.
  • It allows networks to be easily expanded, and reconfigured, making it easy to adapt to changing needs
  • Structured cabling is a system of cables, patch panels, and other components that combine to create an organized and efficient network
  • It is popular in modern businesses because it is reliable, secure, and cost-effective. In addition, installation and maintenance costs can be significantly lower than other types of cabling. 
  • The benefits of structured cabling go beyond cost savings: it also improves performance, scalability, and reliability
  • It is a great choice for network infrastructure that needs to withstand higher levels of interference, as well as higher levels of network traffic. 

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