Stop Intruders With Network Audio

At EAS we have great partners who provide us with cutting-edge products and solutions for our varied clients in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Today, we’re highlighting the AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker for businesses and organizations looking to enhance their physical & electronic security systems with network audio.

With the addition of network audio, companies can not only see but also speak to those caught on camera, which can be used to proactively deter criminals quickly and more efficiently. The Axis Horn Speaker, triggered by motion detection software in a CCTV camera, can play an automatic, pre-recorded message directly to the trespasser as a warning. This alone could deter intruders, which could save the facility from having to send security personnel to that area, saving time and resources.

Network audio can also add new dimensions to a business or organization by changing how it interacts with people. The Axis Horn Speaker allows for alerts and announcements (scheduled or broadcasted live), public address for routine situations and paging. It is also an invaluable tool for providing voice instructions during emergency situations. When Caribbean School in Ponce (PR) contacted us to modernize their communication network, our Integration Team included an Axis Horn Speaker as part of the VoIP deployment to enable campus-wide communication and reduce emergency response time. (Read the Case Study.)

Some of the features of the Axis C1310-E Network Horn Speaker:

  • All-in-one speaker system
  • Perfect for most outdoor environments in most climates
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) ensures clear sound. No noise and no distortion!
  • Supports both pre-recorded and live messaging
  • Remote health testing – so you always know it’s working
  • Flexible, scalable and cost-effective
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), so a single cable provides both power and connectivity
  • Open standards support easy integration with network video, access control, analytics and VoIP (supporting SIP)

Want to talk about integrating network audio to your current security system?

Contact us! We’d be happy to take a tour of your facility and advise on the best course of action. At EAS we’re experts at designing, implementing and maintaining a wide variety of security and IT solutions that work for you and we’re committed to protect your most valuable assets.

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