In need of robust Security Systems? It’s time to call in the pros

Complex commercial security systems have become a staple in modern business, but what good does it do for a client to research and spend a ton of cash on integrated systems, without the proper expertise to install and ensure its peak performance? As multi-layer security systems (at home and your business) become more and more popular and accesible, security pros play an even more vital role in this thriving new industry.

Research, research, research

So many options, so many brands, ‘next-gen’-this, wireless-that. For the average consumer, the hunt can get overwhelming fast. Let us do some of the heavy lifting well before installation occurs. Many consumers don’t have the appetite to research and figure out which ones will play nicely together. Let our team consult and choose among the 40+ partners we work with, to create the perfect system.

Stable integration

Even after the perfect system is found and purchased, not everybody wants to (or can) configure and install those devices themselves. As the complexity of the smart device market increases, there is a growing need for experts that can provide accurate services and support. Cameras, intruder detection, wireless communication, the whole shebang… but to get real value from your security system, all of those devices need to work together, and reliably.

Keep your security system at is peak performance

Equipment wear and tear skipped updates and the ultimate system’s killer: dust. These and other factors can make the performance of even perfect security systems wind down over time. That’s why at EAS we offer our namesake EAS Service Program, a comprehensive security systems maintenance platform for clients anywhere in Puerto Rico. With monthly visits, constant updates for our clients, and convenient perks worthy of a ‘security concierge’, we can make sure that your investment retains its value and most importantly, that your physical and data assets will always be protected.

Want us to evaluate your current systems, or consult on a brand new installation? Our experts can quickly design and implement the perfect security solution for your needs. All you have to do is email us to get started.

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