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Pros and Cons of Cloud Backup

Data is virtually the central point of everything nowadays, no matter how mundane or critical something is. It is becoming more and more evident with every passing day that keeping all the data secured and backed up is extremely critical. Having reliable storage that can be accessed from anywhere in the world is a key requirement and that is exactly what cloud backup is all about. Long gone are the days when people used to make digital backups of data, both private and corporate, on CDs and floppy disks.

What Is so Important a Cloud Backup?

Nowadays, no one wants to go through the hassle of physically storing and curating thousands of disks. Instead, people are demanding a universally accessible storage bank that is easy to maintain, is curated electronically and costs as little as possible. This is exactly what cloud backup services provide. But it is important to know what the benefits are of this technology and how to fully utilize it. Even more important is the need to know where this technology lacks so one can be fully prepared.

Pros of cloud backup

While this list can be quite exhaustive if you look at it from all angles, let us talk about some of the common and critical benefits of having cloud backup.

Universal accessibility

Of course this doesn’t yet mean that you can access your data from anywhere in the universe, but hey, we did say “yet”. Unlike physical backups, cloud data can be accessed from literally any place on earth, as long as you have access to the internet. In addition to that, cloud solutions also provide multi-tier access. This can let you decide e.g. how much of your data your employees can access, thereby reducing the risk of theft.

Efficient and reliable

The best part about cloud storage is the fact that you need to have absolutely zero investment in hardware since you are not keeping the data at your premises. When you choose a cloud backup solution, you are making that particular vendor responsible for making sure your data is stored in state of the art facilities.

Highly secure

The data you put on the cloud is also one of the highest secured assets you may have. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can rest assured that your data is secured with advanced and highly complicated security systems. Data is the only commodity that clouds backup solutions are looking after and they make sure that absolutely no door is left open for data theft, both online and at their physical premises.

Cons of cloud backup

As would be expected, there are obviously a couple of major cons as well for cloud backup and they are explained here:

No internet no data

Yes, it is quite literally as straight forward as that. To be able to access your data, you must be connected to the internet. If you don’t have internet access, you simply will not be able to access your data. This would be true even if you were sitting 50 yards away from the cloud backup provider’s data center.

High-speed internet

This particular problem will probably not affect people with small data backups but it will affect the users with large data quantities, especially businesses. Time is money and unless you have a fast enough data connection, you will need to spend precious minutes waiting for your data to load.

Our solution

What you really need is a solution that is reliable and all-encompassing and we take pride in providing exactly that. From servers to end-user hardware, we got it covered. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Cloud Backup are designed to fit your needs without breaking the bank. Our advanced data security system offers peace of mind, without the need to invest heavily in expensive hardware, or software.

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