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Product Spotlight: Symmetry Solutions by AMAG Technology

At EAS we have great partners who provide us with cool and unique products and solutions for our varied clients. In today’s Product Spotlight: Symmetry Solutions by AMAG Technology, a G4S company. The company designs, manufactures and distributes integrated security systems under their Symmetry™ brand and their Security Management System provides the most feature-rich access control, video and identity management solutions on the market today. With flexible, easy to use software and hardware, Symmetry Solutions by AMAG Technology combines all your security needs into one centralized system which helps our clients mitigate risk, increase safety and meet industry compliance regulations. With 35,000 proven installations in 100 countries around the world, we provide scalable security solutions, stand-alone or integrated, for any size application in any market.


Symmetry’s flexible, cost-effective access control software is the perfect choice for organizations of any size. With Symmetry, you can start small and grow your security system as your organization’s needs grow because there are no limits to the size of a Symmetry system. Symmetry offers solutions for Video Management, Alarm Handling, Intrusion Management, and Visitor Management along with robust integrations with 3rd party products for audio, redundancy, analytics, biometrics, HR functions and much more, to create one centralized managed security management solution for all your needs. Symmetry hardware complements our full-featured software offering by giving clients everything they could need for a new or retrofit security solution. From door controllers to card readers that provide intrusion management, Symmetry gives you all the latest technology with a backward compatible guarantee of protecting your investment.


Symmetry CompleteView™ VMS offers stand-alone or integrated enterprise Video Management with software, hardware, and mobile applications. Our advanced video offering allows AMAG to meet the diverse needs of any video client. Through a robust software solution and powerful NVR hardware, we give our clients the freedom to choose the best technology specific to their business requirements. Our video products offer the industry’s most straightforward, cost-effective approach for video management software, hardware and the migration from analog to IP video technologies.


Symmetry CONNECT is an enterprise-wide software platform which helps large multi-site organizations to operate more efficiently. Symmetry CONNECT serves as the single platform that can join disparate systems and databases to provide rich reporting and business analysis that, along with real-time information, allows Managers to make better-informed decisions on security events and procedures across their entire enterprise. Through this policy based platform, organizations can reduce operating costs, mitigate risk and more effectively determine requirements for audit and reporting to meet compliance regulations.


When security is the highest priority, Symmetry delivers flexible, integrated solutions that help protect government organizations, commercial businesses of all sizes, utilities, educational institutions and healthcare organizations. AMAG delivers a seamless end-to-end security management solution for any vertical market, meeting the most challenging security demands.


Symmetry GUEST brings a whole new approach to Visitor Management, taking advantage of the latest advances in SaaS technology. Symmetry GUEST is an all-new web-based Visitor Management system from AMAG. Unlike traditional Visitor Management systems, Symmetry GUEST is focused on improving the visitor experience, streamlining the journey through the reception area and reducing the cost of visitor services. The system has been specifically designed to be simple to implement and intuitive to use. It will run on any PC, tablet or smartphone without the need for any local hardware or installation.

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