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Premium Commercial Audio Solutions: Bose Puerto Rico ‘FreeSpace’

EAS can take your business’ client experience to the next level by integrating industry leading commercial audio visual systems. In this post, we highlight the Bose FreeSpace line of loudspeakers and amplifiers — designed specifically for commercial applications, where simplicity, reliability and sound quality are paramount. Combining our team’s expertise with Bose’s premium products, we have successfully designed and installed countless audio integrations for businesses and organizations in Puerto Rico, including casinos, corporate conference rooms, universities and more.

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Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers offer high-quality performance in both background music and voice announcement applications and are ideal for almost any commercial space. FreeSpace models are available for surface, flush-ceiling, pendant, and in-ground mounting — for both indoor and outdoor installed applications. All models are available in both black and white, and feature 70/100V and low-impedance operation. Models feature either a 2.25-inch or 4.5-inch, full-range transducer, providing two distinct levels of performance.

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Consisting of nine models, the FreeSpace amplifier line offers a range of power options and built-in features that enhance any commercial audio installation, especially when using Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers. FreeSpace amplifiers feature selectable Loudspeaker EQ to enrich audio quality, Opti-voice® paging for clear speech intelligibility while providing seamless transitions and Dynamic EQ that ensures full and balanced music at any volume level. Other features:

  • Targeted features for commercial installations – Audio systems designed with FreeSpace amplifiers benefit from built-in features that simplify the installation and provide an intuitive end-user experience.
  • Simple configuration – With just a few settings, each FreeSpace amplifier can be easily tailored to almost any commercial installation, with no computer or programming required for setup.
  • Mix & match amplifiers – All FreeSpace amplifiers can be interconnected to accommodate different installation sizes and loudspeaker loads.
  • Remote control options – Optional Bose remote controls offer end users an attractive and convenient interface to their sound systems while eliminating the need for 3rd-party attenuator controls.


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