Explosion Proof Cameras Pelco ExSite Enhanced 2 Series

Mitigate Risk With Explosion Proof Cameras

When taking on industrial projects in Puerto Rico, explosion proof cameras are at the top of the list. Also known as explosion-protected or flameproof cameras, these systems are essential in those environments where there is a genuine risk of explosion such as critical infrastructure and industrial sites.

Today we’re showcasing one of our favorite explosion-proof surveillance cameras—Pelco’s ExSite Enhanced. Now in its 2nd series, the ExSite Enhanced is purpose-built to monitor operations and control processes in hazardous locations with risks of explosion due to the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust. Keep reading to learn about the camera’s features and how they help mitigate risk at industrial operations.

ExSite Enhanced 2 Series Explosion Proof Camera features:

  • High performance construction

It’s important to note that, while the term “explosion-proof” suggests that the camera will withstand a blast, it refers to its ability to mitigate any risk of causing an explosion. The robust ExSite Enhanced 2 Series is enclosed in a heavy-duty stainless-steel housing, removing the risk of any spark being emitted by the camera. The series is available in fixed, fixed compact and PTZ models—all meeting stringent explosion proof and dust-ignition proof requirements while complying with international standards.

Rated IP69, its enclosure protects from water, high wind and high/low temperatures. For sites along the coastline, it is also resistant to corrosive elements. An integrated wiper is included on all models.

  • Best in class camera imaging

Hazardous areas—where personnel should spend as little time as possible—need remote 24/7 visual monitoring with high-quality images. ExSite Enhanced 2 Series provides reliable industry-leading image quality, with Full HD up to 6MP, 30x optical zoom, and producing up to 60 images per second. The camera’s image defog capability increases video quality in poor visibility conditions and 3D noise filtering is available.

  • Smart analytics

ExSite Enhanced 2 Series features Pelco’s Advanced Analytics. This technology uses an AI-powered object detection engine that categorizes objects and sets up “behaviors”, which are the rules of how these objects interact within a user designated area. Analytics improve threat detection, allowing operators at industrial sites to quickly focus on situations needing immediate attention for faster response times. They can also provide insights to improve safety and operations.

  • Open and integrated

ExSite Enhanced 2 Series cameras seamlessly connect to Pelco’s video management systems and integrate with major third-party systems. Detail from cameras can also be enhanced greatly through integration of thermal and gas sensors to detect temperature and leaks.

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