KeyWatcher Touch key management system

Why Key Management Systems Are a Must-Have for Universities in Puerto Rico

Our partners at Morse Watchmans — the industry leader in key management systems — report a rising number of universities installing the company’s flagship system, KeyWatcher® Touch, for heightened levels of security and safety on campus.

Within the last year, Morse Watchmans reports new, multi-department deployments and expansions of existing installations at Yale University, University of Michigan, University of California, University of Texas, Ohio State University, Marquette University, and Boise State University — with many others having placed orders for fulfillment in 2023.

KeyWatcher Touch improves university security while reducing costs related to theft, loss, and re-keying, assuring campus security and facilities teams alike that their security investment offers tangible ROI.

– Tim Purpura, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans

What is the KeyWatcher Touch key management system?

The KeyWatcher® Touch system is an electronic tamper-proof cabinet that can only be accessed by authorized users with pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards, or biometrics. You decide who has permission to remove each key and they’re all accounted for at all times — with full tracking, reporting, and alerts. Built stainless steel tough, the cabinet is designed to resist abuse and will trigger alerts for defined events. The cabinet has a modular and expandable design and features a 7” touchscreen with a user-friendly interface. [Read more about it here.]

How key management systems help higher education institutions and their different departments.

Key management systems allow university departments of all types to manage campus security in a specific, highly integrated manner across the campus enterprise:

✔️ Facilities Management

Manually managing physical keys can lead to security vulnerabilities and costly re-keying expenses. Implementing a key access control system allows for easy key retrieval, limited access to authorized individuals, and the organization of keys on tamper-proof rings with audit trails. It also eliminates the inconvenience of searching for keys across campus, as specific access can be granted and keys can be returned to any key cabinet.

✔️ On-Campus Housing

Key control and management systems reduce risks of theft, vandalism, and harassment at on-campus housing. Additionally, universities can choose between traditional locks and keys or card-enabled access control systems, with key control solutions accommodating both options.

✔️ Athletics

These systems help to manage tiered and varied access, which may change as different types of events take place at a stadium, arena, or field. Additionally, asset management solutions play a crucial role in protecting advanced and expensive training equipment, as well as securing personal items when not in use.

✔️ Transportation

Internal transportation departments oversee university buses, staff vehicles, shuttles, equipment transport vans, and fleet vehicles. Key control systems ensure the security of vehicle keys and provide real-time information on vehicle status and usage.

✔️ Health Services

Key management systems help protect access to expensive equipment, sensitive patient information and controlled substances while maintaining accurate records of who had access and when.

✔️ Sciences

Science departments are responsible for critical research, sensitive equipment, and substantial investments. Key control systems record usage and provide audit reports to monitor key returns and address lost or overdue keys.

✔️ Fine Arts

These systems make it easy to protect Fine Arts instruments, supplies and resources. They also automatically record the access history of each key. When keys are not returned as scheduled, e-mail alerts can be sent to administrators to allow quick action.

✔️ Financial Services / Bursar’s Office

There are many keys in use on a daily basis in a bursar’s office, including keys for cash drawers, safe rooms, offices, server closets, and more. By turning every key into a data point, key control systems ensure that staff are working ethically, safely, and transparently.

✔️ Student Union

Key control systems address the unique needs of student unions, accommodating leadership turnover and reducing the risk of missing keys. These systems allow for granting localized access, ensuring that individuals have access only to specific areas for the required duration, such as meeting rooms, storage rooms, cash boxes, and vendor facilities.

✔️ Groundskeeping

These systems restrict access to landscaping tools and equipment and provide audit capabilities to track key removal and return, along with user and time details.

✔️ Campus Security

Morse Watchman’s tamper-proof lockers secure weapons and record access activity, ensuring accountability and enabling investigations.

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Want to talk about our key management systems and other physical security solutions for universities in Puerto Rico?

Give us a call or send us an email to learn about our Morse Watchmans solutions for your campus. Because KeyWatcher Touch systems are infinitely scalable, it is possible for universities to start with one system and add on more as needed. In this way, the solutions fit the needs of departments and universities now and into the future.

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