Key control systems and key management systems in Puerto Rico

Looking for an efficient and secure way to manage your keys? Look no further! Our comprehensive key control and key management systems offer state-of-the-art solutions to keep your keys secure and organized.

Why Choose Our Key Control & Management Systems?

Enhanced Security:

Our advanced key control systems use state-of-the-art technology to keep your keys safe. With features like encrypted access codes and biometric authentication, you can rest assured that only authorized individuals have access to your keys.

Efficient key tracking:

Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking keys manually. Our systems provide real-time monitoring and logging of key movements, so you can easily track who accessed a key and when. This helps minimize the risk of unauthorized key use or loss.

Customizable solutions:

We understand that every organization has unique key management needs. That's why our systems are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Whether you need to manage a small number of keys or a large inventory, we have scalable solutions to meet your needs.

Streamlined processes:

Our key management systems are designed to streamline your operations. By automating tasks such as key checkouts, returns and reservations, you can save time and improve overall efficiency. No more manual paperwork or searching for misplaced keys!

Characteristics of key management systems

Our secure key cabinets provide physical protection for your keys with rugged construction and tamper-resistant locks.
Our easy-to-use software allows you to easily manage and monitor your keys with features such as key reservations, reporting, and user access controls.
Seamlessly integrate our key control systems with your existing access control security infrastructure.

At EAS Systems Inc. we work with high quality products and advanced technology. We offer Morse Watchman key management and control solutions: KeyWatcher Touch, Fleet, and KeyBank.

Key control & management solutions are tailored to the needs of your industry and business, EAS offers solutions for different industries:

Financial industry

Beyond the safety and security of personnel and customers, banks and financial organizations have the responsibility of ensuring the security of the money and the information entrusted to them.

Digital Assets

Digital Assets

Deploying robust physical security is a critical step in protecting multimedia assets and content. This requires a full security program that encompasses every potential entry point where a criminal could get access to your premises.

Municipal Building

Municipal buildings throughout the country, including police stations, administrative offices, museums, and other establishments, frequently rely on the utilization of key management solutions.

Hospitality and Hotel

Hospitality and Hotel

Key management systems for hotels and resorts help control the hundreds or thousands of keys used regularly by staff, contractors, and guests.

Automotive Dealership

Automotive Dealership

Automotive dealerships and rental fleets have a need to track car key activity, reduce unauthorized access, and cut down on the misplacement of keys.

Gaming / Casinos

Gaming / Casinos

Key control and key management systems are an ideal solution for casinos and gaming facilities to secure mechanical keys, slot machine keys, and other valuable items.

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