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Improving Credit Union Security in Puerto Rico

There are 120 credit union locations (cooperativas de ahorro y crédito) in Puerto Rico. These member-owned institutions are an attractive alternative to banks for their competitive rates, lower fees, and client-focused service. Like all types of financial institutions, credit unions face unique challenges when it comes to protecting employees, visitors, and assets from the latest threats. That’s where we come in as expert security integrators.

At EAS, we are highly experienced in protecting sensitive sites (see our list of clients) and we offer seamless end-to-end solutions to monitor security and safety, improve operations and enhance client experience.

Solutions for credit union security in Puerto Rico:


1. Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is an essential tool for credit union security to monitor the lobby, entrances, teller counters and desks, ATMs, and all areas in and outside the building. Traditionally, banks have used analog systems, but they are lately stepping into the network era. Our recommendation for credit unions? Go IP! IP opens up your system to tons of features and brings mobility, scalability, better performance, and lower costs. We work with the industry’s best security cameras and video surveillance systems, designed for exceptional performance in indoor and outdoor environments.

2. Mantrap Security Doors

Mantraps, or security portals, are physical access control systems commonly used in banking and credit union security. It consists of a small space with a set of interlocking doors, where the first door must close before the second one opens, thus “trapping” a person. In building entrances, this system ensures only one person enters at a time (eliminating tailgating or piggybacking), while screening with metal detectors.

3. Additional Access Control Solutions

Credit unions and banking institutions require multiple and complex layers of clearance that also comply with regulations. We partner with AMAG, Suprema, IDEMIA, HID Global, Kantech, C-CURE 9000, and other great brands for multi-factor authentication access control, biometrics, audit trail reporting, visitor + employee management systems, and other solutions.

Other solutions and services for credit union security:

Want to talk about our solutions for banking and credit union security?

Are you an Administrator or an IT professional at a credit union institution in Puerto Rico? Want us to evaluate your current systems or consult on a brand new installation? Schedule an appointment with us and we’d be happy to take a tour of your facility and advise on the best course of action. At EAS we are experts at designing, implementing, and maintaining a wide variety of security and IT solutions that work for you and we are committed to protecting your most valuable assets.

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