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Improve your Business Security Strategy with these 4 Key Elements

Theft, natural disasters, fires, employee negligence, assault… the list goes on. Businesses in Puerto Rico are certainly not immune to a huge list of physical threats both internal and external. While our partners in data security and cybercrime prevention continue to make great strides in personal and business solutions, the need for physical & electronic security has never been more evident. That’s why we work hard around the clock to source and implement new, state-of-the-art technology in every aspect of physical & electronic security needs, specializing in closed circuit TV, entry-point security, perimeter surveillance, electronic article surveillance and more. Here are the 4 key factors to dramatically Improve your Business Security Strategy:


1. Keep intruders out

The aim of preventing intruder access to premises encompasses a number of components, ranging from physical barriers around the site (some of these aspects we discussed in a great post about security consideration during the engineering phase), to the installation of devices like sensors and cameras, to control room monitoring that could even take place off-site.

An awesome solution we specialize in is fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system, which works through a highly sensitive buried fiber that can distinguish various intrusion threats (cool fact: the fiber used in this kind of system is resistant to EMI/RFI and is unaffected by the environmental problems (rain, heavy winds and more, etc.) that plague other security technologies). That, coupled with a state-of-the-art patrol control reporting system, can be used strategically to exponentially increase the efficiency of your security team (making the system pay for itself much sooner than you think). By improving communication, reducing response time and more accurately surveilling the premises, losses can be cut dramatically and safety can be boosted big time.

Meanwhile, intercom and communications solutions throughout the building (or campus) help both employees and visitors stay safe by creating channels for distress calls and limiting access to unauthorized parties. We have an impressive range of products to fit spaces of any size, to make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for in case of an emergency.


2. Smile, you’re on camera!

A lot of our clients had never really felt the need for a surveillance system as pressingly as they do now. With theft on the rise, after the hurricane and with frequent power outages, clients across Puerto Rico have had the inescapable need to seriously up their security game. Since we’ve been in this business for a while, we’ve had the unique opportunity to try and implement a wide range of security camera systems (from affordable, entry-level setups to high-end lines). Regardless of the price tag, our experience has been that clients are instantly satisfied with the comprehensive surveillance achieved with these systems and the dramatic cut in losses they produce. Employees feel safer, management rests easier and equipment is more secure when patrons and unwelcome guests know that they are being constantly monitored.


3. Secure your assets:

Our business actually started over 20 years ago with the installation of EAS (electronic article surveillance systems), which greatly help to reduce losses in a variety of retail settings. Today, we still provide robust solutions for brick and mortar locations to better protect their inventory, by designing and installing comprehensive solutions that stop theft in its tracks.


4. Advanced fire detection:

Fires can start and consume a building in record-breaking time, and timely detection can truly save lives. Did you know that the combination of early warning fire detection and nuisance alarm resistance in smoke alarms could cut the fire death rate in half? Technology innovations in early warning fire detection to significantly reduce egress time require a systems approach with advanced sensors and sensor modeling, data fusion, and streamlined implementation strategies. Our systems – which are efficient as they are wide-ranging – are found in applications from small, single-panel fire panel sites to networks suitable for huge spaces, in many of the most challenging locations. If you’re not exactly sure what you need, give us a call to design a system that’s just right for your space, and will ultimately help save many lives through timely detection.


What’s the takeaway to improve your business security strategy?

Our clients need to ask themselves exactly what their environment requires to ensure the solution is fit for purpose. For example, factors to consider are how simple the system is to interact with, and how intuitive it is for their needs. It is important to have an in-depth discussion with the sales consultant during which you advise them where you would like devices mounted, which areas are most vulnerable, any environmental issues such as animals on the premises, and the normal set of expected activities for the particular application. The best way to get all your answers will always be to give us a call and someone from our awesome team will be happy to advise on a customized solution that’s perfect for your specific needs.


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