Fixed IP Cameras Bullet vs Dome

Fixed IP Cameras: Bullet vs. Dome

Fixed IP cameras provide static indoor or outdoor coverage exactly where you need it, ensuring that an area of importance is perpetually surveilled. These cameras often feature high resolutions and the ability to zoom into scenes, and are very reliable due to their image clarity and consistency. And why IP? For open integration, convenient storage, accessibility, analytics, scalability and much more!

If you’re interested in fixed IP cameras for your business or organization in Puerto Rico, today we’re showcasing Pelco’s Sarix® Professional 4 Series. The Sarix Pro 4 is a versatile, cost-effective security camera with enhanced imaging capabilities for various applications. The series satisfies security requirements for visibility in near-dark environments and durability in harsh conditions. Equipped with Pelco Smart Analytics, this camera can detect critical events and increase your security team’s productivity by expediting real-time responses and forensic investigations.

Sarix Pro 4 features:

  • Enhanced imaging quality – Achieves high-quality video with sharp details thanks to its True Wide Dynamic Range (up to 130db), low-light sensitivity, and adaptive IR (up to 50/​60/​80m).
  • Pelco Smart Analytics, powered by Motorola Solutions – Detects and classifies more objects for greater accuracy and faster responses, even in crowded scenes.
  • ONVIF® compliant – ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M compliance allows for easy integration with existing ONVIF infrastructures. Integrated with Pelco VideoXpert and other leading video management systems.
  • Weather & impact rated – IP66/IP67 and Type 4X weather rating and IK10 impact rating for vandal resistance.

Now, the Sarix Pro 4 Series fixed IP cameras are available in two form factors: bullet and dome. Which one is the best option for your business? Let’s compare.

Bullet vs dome


The first thing to consider is that dome security cameras offer a more expansive field of view, making them ideal to track a moving target in a wide open space. They are suited for monitoring a building’s surrounding access points and for commercial indoor applications.

Bullet security cameras, while having a narrower field of view, tend to have more optical zoom capability and are able to record footage from a long-range distance. They are usually preferred for parking lots, gates, exterior doors and for monitoring a specific area within an indoor setting.

Covert or overt surveillance

Another difference is that bullet cameras act as a visual deterrent (“We’re watching you!”), while dome cameras do their job discreetly, with compact form factors that blend in with the surroundings. Their discreet form also makes it difficult for potential intruders to tell which direction the camera is facing, while a bullet camera’s field of view is more obvious (and more prone to vandalism).


Lastly, it is important to note that bullet models tend to be easier to install than dome models, and easier to adjust if needed. With dome models, it can be more challenging to change the lens position once installed.

This guide can give you a general idea of which model will work best for you, but a consultation with our experienced professionals can answer all your questions and ensure you get the most out of your video security. A well-designed commercial security system requires an assessment best done by a fully accredited and industry-savvy security professional and our team is ready to work with you.

Want to talk about our fixed IP cameras and other video surveillance solutions?

Contact us! We work with the industry’s top video surveillance manufacturers, who design for exceptional performance in indoor, outdoor and harsh environments. At EAS we’re experts at designing, implementing and maintaining a wide variety of security solutions that work for you and we’re committed to protect your most valuable assets.

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