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Safety First! 5 Great Ways Aiphone Delivers Entry Security and Communication Solutions for the Commercial Industry

We typically consider our inventory, equipment and business data as indispensable assets in our business, but we must never overlook perhaps the most important: our people. Businesses of any size, across many industries, should always keep in mind the essential task of providing a secure work environment and keeping visitors safe. Along with our friends at Aiphone, we have developed an easy entry security and communication solutions guide. Here are 5 ways their comprehensive product line can help companies scale their security systems and provide physical & electronic security to a variety of spaces.

5 Great Ways Aiphone Delivers Entry Security and Communication Solutions for the Commercial Industry


Install Door Stations for Interior/Exterior Use

The use of intercom for your business is a great way to prevent dangerous individuals from getting inside your buildings. This tool is affordable, easy and provides immediate information about potential threats. By keeping all entrances locked and using Aiphone door stations to provide communication points for employees, visitors, and vendors, companies can create a safe environment for their staff and clients. It’s also a good idea to integrate a card access system and replace traditional door keys with programmable key cards, and to use card reader door stations inside the building to only allow authorized personnel with access cards into restricted areas. Our team can help provide a checklist of safety measures when it comes to entry points throughout your campus.

Control Access with Master Stations for Offices

It’s easy to control access with Aiphone master stations. These stations are designed to identify visitors and determine their intent before unlocking the door, greatly eliminating potential threats. It also serves to give employees an efficient way to connect internally, as companies can use an existing PA system to page, make general announcements, or broadcast emergencies throughout the building(s). With everyone in the loop, these interconnected channels help maintain a secure building or business campus by monitoring any location where door/call stations are installed.

Create Emergency Stations for Business Campuses

Another way to deter prowlers is to install emergency towers with dual-call stations around your campus. Large spaces, such as parking lots, can become a dangerous place, but enabling employees and visitors with a tool to call for urgent help or for general assistance will provide great peace of mind. Companies can place emergency wall boxes with dual-call stations in parking garages, stairwells, or other remote areas where trouble might be lurking. It’s also a good idea to install dual-call stations independent from the emergency wall boxes or towers if emergency calling is needed in areas where the wall boxes or towers will not fit.

Call/Speaker Stations for Remote Areas

Our Aiphone call stations are also great for areas prone to vandalism, theft, or violence. These stations provide personnel a means to immediately call for help when a problem or emergency occurs. Speakers can be placed in hallways, parking garages, service areas, loading docks, or other noisy environments where louder amplification is needed. It’s important to integrate with shift-change schedules and alarms to make sure everyone is alerted during routine or emergency notifications.

Sub/Speaker Stations for Common Areas

Reduce the risk of harm to staff and clients by alerting your entire building of potential threats quickly. An instant way to reach the security office if an emergency situation occurs is using a substation. Staff can answer a page using hands-free or handset substations. Choose hands-free stations for open-voice conversations or handset stations for both open-voice and private conversations. For this application, new or existing speaker systems can be used, so all pages, announcements, and emergency notifications can be heard throughout the entire building or campus quickly to ensure the prompt safety of everyone.


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