Electronic Article Surveillance solutions in Puerto Rico

Improve inventory management, reduce shoplifting and protect your assets with Electronic Article Surveillance solutions in Puerto Rico.

Security Labels & Tagging

Security Labels & Tagging solutions play a crucial role in enhancing security measures for retail environments and various industries. These solutions are designed to safeguard merchandise by incorporating security features into labels and tags.

Typically, the Security Labels & Tagging solutions include various types of security labels that can be discreetly applied to merchandise or packaging. These labels often contain features such as RF (Radio Frequency) technology, making it possible to detect unauthorized removal of items at exit points. Additionally, the solutions include a variety of security tags that can be attached to merchandise, serving as a visible deterrent to potential theft.

RF Technology

RF (Radio Frequency) electronic article surveillance solutions are a type of security system designed to prevent theft and unauthorized removal of merchandise from retail stores or other secured areas. These solutions utilize RF technology to create a protective barrier around items, and an alarm is triggered if a protected item passes through the barrier without being properly deactivated or removed at the point of sale.

Industry Solutions

Apparel & Footwear

RF technology enhances retail security for Apparel & Footwear by providing reliable anti-theft solutions. Its advanced systems safeguard merchandise, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping experience.

Food and Beverage

RF technology revolutionizes Food and Beverage retail security, offering robust anti-theft solutions. Safeguarding perishable and non-perishable items, it ensures a secure shopping environment for both customers and retailers.

Health & Beauty

Safeguarding cosmetics and wellness products, it ensures a secure and pleasant shopping experience for customers and retailers alike.

General Merchandise

Safeguarding diverse products, it ensures a secure shopping experience, enhancing loss prevention for retailers across various industries.

Keep your goods safe with Electronic Article Surveillance — Benefits of EAS

Our EAS solutions are scalable for any size store. Source tagging and unpacking offers the most comprehensive level of security. You don’t have to worry about your merchandise.


Tagging is a cost-effective solution for preventing internal and external theft, reducing shrinkage rates and improving operational efficiency.


Customizable solutions for every retailer's individual needs, allowing organizations to deploy efficient protection against shoplifters.

Easy to Implement:

Easy to deploy and implement, RF EAS tagging makes it easier for retailers to optimize their operations, and protect their profits.

Increased Security:

Enhanced security with RF tagging. With advanced technology, retailers can safeguard merchandise effectively, ensuring a secure environment for both customers and businesses.


EAS enhances merchandise security by employing advanced tagging and detection systems. This discourages theft, providing real-time alerts and enabling retailers to safeguard valuable items effectively.
Absolutely. An EAS solution not only prevents theft, safeguarding merchandise, but also creates a secure shopping environment. This boosts customer confidence, potentially leading to increased sales for businesses in Puerto Rico.
EAS RF technology streamlines retail efficiency by minimizing false alarms, allowing swift customer transactions. Its advanced anti-theft systems offer a seamless balance between security and operational smoothness.
EAS solutions are versatile due to their adaptability to different retail environments. Customizable tagging and detection systems cater to the unique needs of industries, from apparel to electronics, ensuring comprehensive merchandise security.

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