Electronic Article Surveillance for Retail in Puerto Rico

Electronic Article Surveillance for Retail in Puerto Rico

When EAS Systems Inc. started out in 1995, we were exclusively an electronic article surveillance (EAS) integrator. Hence the name! We soon became the sole distributor in Puerto Rico for Checkpoint Systems – the world leader in retail loss prevention.

Checkpoint’s world class range of detection systems protect against shoplifting using the latest technology and award-winning designs that suit any store design and application. We have deployed their solutions in dozens of retailers across the island, including Old Navy, PetSmart, Walgreens and many others. (Most recently, the new IKEA store in Bayamón and all Marshalls and TJ Maxx stores in the island.) Keep reading to learn about their different models and applications.

EAS Systems, Inc. integrated electronic article surveillance in the new IKEA store in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Source: El Nuevo Día.

Checkpoint Systems’ range of electronic article surveillance systems:


The CLASSIC trusted Checkpoint detection with no frills and extras combines excellent detection with attractive design for in-store security. Ideal for retailers who are already looking for simple but effective deterrent and detection in their stores. Can fit perfectly into any environment, without impacting the client shopping experience.

Neo Range

Checkpoint’s NEO range wireless electronics pushes the capabilities of Radio Frequency (RF)-based EAS solutions by increasing standard detection range by up to 30%. This enables stores to place antennas further apart, requiring fewer antenna per install or at standard aisle widths delivering superior detection. Their intelligent connectivity allows for continual software updates and improvements, meaning NEO remains constantly optimized over its life span.


Well proven and respected, the EVOLVE range of antennas outperforms all other RF suppliers when it comes to detection. Designed to be flexible around the dynamic needs of the retail industry, the EVOLVE range offers multiple data management and remote service options with EVOLVE-Store connectivity options. For retailers wanting inventory control as well as loss prevention. The range also includes various integrated upgrades such as people counting, metal detection, RFID and ad panels.

Overhead and Underfloor (with Wirama Radar)

Checkpoint’s Overhead and Underfloor systems provide wide openings and special attention to design considerations. The Overhead unit consists of a primary enclosure with a UHF RFID reader, mounted above the exit door. In addition, two satellite antennas are installed adjacent to the reader box, and an alarm box is installed near the exit door to provide alerts. As an alternative, the Underfloor solution is ideal for those wanting aesthetically pleasing open entrances or where ceiling height simply prohibits the use of overheads.

Using patented Checkpoint Wirama Radar TM technology, these solutions deliver unprecedented accuracy and context in determining if an item is located nearby the exit or potentially being stolen – minimizing false alarms.

Custom Design EAS antennas

Store design can lead to a sales increase of up to 40%. For businesses requiring custom designs that seamlessly integrate into their store environments, Checkpoint offers the ability to create something unique, that complements the retailer’s overall vision of their brand and store concept.

Want to talk about electronic article surveillance and other security and technology solutions for retail?

Whether you are looking for EAS, RFID, source tagging or other security solutions, we have the products and expertise to help you succeed. Schedule an appointment with us and we’d be happy to advise on the best course of action.

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