EAS Service Program

Top-notch security system maintenance

EAS has a demonstrated ability to add value to customers’ security and technology infrastructure. Following the installation or upgrade of a customer’s system, we highly recommend our EAS Service Program in order to keep your system up to date, and working as efficiently as day one.


The EAS Service Program covers all hardware, to keep all systems in their peak performance.


Contact us today to find out how we keep all client, sales and other vital company information secure. Trust our team of experts to constantly update your logs, protect against common cyber attacks, and quickly restore any lost data.


We’ve been in business for over two decades, knowing firsthand the wear and tear of even the best equipment, as well as many unexpected new threats to the new products and services we offer. Stay on top of it all with routine check-ups.


We pride ourselves on excellent service, but we know that emergencies simply can’t wait. For instances that need on-demand service, we’ve created a priority customer support platform for crisis management with lightning speed.
With the EAS Service program, we can perfectly compliment any custom-designed system and ensure optimum performance across a variety of settings.

Program available for the following products:

EAS Premiun Services

Our great service just got a lot better.

On over two decades of great service, we’ve expanded our offering to include new and better security and technology for business of all sizes, including physical & electronic security security, data security, data transmission and more.

Monthly check-ups

Our team of experts will periodically visit your facility on a regular basis to clean and test your equipment, keeping your system in its peak performance and thus protecting your investment.

Temporary equipment replacement

In the event of critical equipment failure our team will install temporary equipment while your failed equipment is repaired and replaced. This service will allow your operation to continue with minimal interruptions.

Priority Service

Accidents and emergencies occur, with our service program customers receive priority service for even faster service calls and priority on emergency installations.

Easy on your budget

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but with EAS it doesn’t have to be high. Our team of experts can cater to your hardware, software, data, and other technology and security needs. Customers under this program also receive special discounts.

Stay on top of the latest

Preferred clients are always informed of the latest in tech, software and other security solutions from our staff and partners. With automated messaging (which you can customize), you’ll receive our hot launches and announcements straight to your inbox.

Equipment warranty

EAS is committed to providing its clients with the best available service. All products and services we sell are covered by one year of complementary warranty. Clients always have the option of purchasing an extended warranty for our products and services.

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