Data Transmission Solutions

EAS offers design and integration solutions for multiple data transmission services, including structured cabling, wireless transmission systems, Audio/Visual, P.A. systems, and IP phone systems.

Our Process

Assessing your short and long term security needs from the inside out, we can design, install and maintain a scalable, functional and dependable security system at a price that’s just right. No matter what phase in the process you are, we partner with your company in integrating a system that meets your specific requirements.

Data Transmission

Structured Cabling

EAS specializes in the design and installation of high quality, high performance IT infrastructure solutions and services for Data Centers, LANs and Intelligent Buildings.


Security Systems

Data Transmission

Wireless Video & Data Transmission Systems

Enjoy our next-generation wireless technology solutions, delivering enhanced bandwidth and significant performance improvements. With top-notch products and solutions, EAS can take your wireless video and data transmission needs to the next level.

Data Transmission

Intercom & P.A. Systems

Experience the highest quality business solutions in audio/visual and P.A. products. With a wide selection of equipment, we can integrate a system tailored to each customer’s need and budget.

Data Transmission

IP Communication & Phone Systems

Create a connected environment for your employees and customers by implementing modern communication system with one of our versatile IP phone systems.

Data Transmission

Emergency Phone System

These systems are very efficient and practical to use. They allow users to make emergency calls easily. Most businesses can benefit with an Emergency Phone System.

Data Transmission

Audio / Visual

Create an inviting environment for your guests/customers, and employees by integrating industry leading Audio/Visual equipment. With quality audio and visual reproduction equipment, EAS can elevate your customers experience to the next level.

Other Solutions

Data Security

With our complete suite of data protection solutions – we can help you cover your entire IT infrastructure. From servers to end-user hardware, we got it covered. Disaster Recovery as a Service and Cloud Backup are designed to fit your needs, so no worries about breaking the bank, our solution can provide peace of mind, without the need to invest heavily in expensive hardware, or software – welcome to the ‘as a service’ realm.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

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Complete Cloud Backup Service

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Custom Software Programming

Learn more about our Physical & Electronic Security Solutions

EAS has an impressive and quality oriented product and tech catalog for endless security applications that ensure the protection and security of life, property and data.

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