Crowd Control Solutions in Puerto Rico: Improving people safety and access

At public events and venues, crowd control is critical to ensuring the safe and efficient flow of people. At EAS Systems, Inc. we offer a wide range of crowd control solutions to meet the varying needs of businesses.

From full-height and waist-high turnstiles to contactless access and metal detectors, our solutions are designed to enhance security and improve the entry experience.

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Tailored crowd control solutions

We offer a range of solutions for businesses and institutions in Puerto Rico, from contactless access to 3 types of turnstiles and metal detectors. Our technology is designed to help event organizers, facility managers, and security managers effectively control the flow of people in high-traffic areas.

Full-Height Turnstiles

Our full-height turnstiles are ideal for managing access to high security areas. These turnstiles provide a complete physical barrier to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, our full-height turnstiles can be integrated with card and fingerprint readers to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed access.

Waist High Turnstiles

High waist turnstiles are an excellent solution for locations where less restrictive access management is required. These turnstiles provide a partial physical barrier, allowing visitors to pass through more easily.

Optical Turnstiles

Our optical turnstiles are a perfect solution for locations where more discreet management is required. These turnstiles use optical sensors to detect the presence of a person and allow them to pass.

Contactless Entry

Our contactless entry is the perfect solution for locations where non-contact access control is required. This solution uses proximity technology to detect a person’s presence and allow them access without touching anything. Contactless Entry can also be integrated with card and fingerprint readers for additional access control.

ADA compliant doors

Our ADA compliant doors are designed to meet the accessibility standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Designed to allow people with physical disabilities and wheelchairs to pass through, these doors are wider than standard doors.

Metal Detector

Our metal detectors are an excellent solution for locations where additional security screening is required. This technological tool is essential for improving security at events and public places by identifying and preventing the entry of potentially lethal objects.

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Benefits of implementing crowd control solutions

These devices can provide a number of benefits, including enhanced security, smoother crowd flow and improved operational efficiency. In addition, our solutions can help reduce the stress and workload of security officers, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

Improves security: Solutions such as full-height turnstiles, metal detectors and contactless access help prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of unwanted incidents.

Increases efficiency: By controlling foot traffic at events and public venues, solutions can also increase efficiency. Solutions such as full-height turnstiles and contactless access allow people to enter and exit more easily and quickly, reducing congestion and improving the visitor experience.

Regulatory compliance: Some public venues and events have specific regulations and standards that must be met to ensure attendee safety. Crowd control solutions, such as ADA-compliant gates, can help ensure compliance.

Access control: Card and fingerprint readers can be integrated with solutions such as turnstiles to ensure that only authorized people are allowed into certain areas.

Cost reduction: By improving security and efficiency, crowd management solutions can also reduce the costs associated with managing public events and venues. Fewer unwanted incidents reduce the costs associated with security and emergency personnel, while improved efficiency can reduce overall operating costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Crowd control solutions are technological tools used to control access and movement of people at public events and venues. These solutions include turnstiles, metal detectors, contactless access gates and card readers.

EAS Systems, Inc. offers several crowd control solutions, including: full-height turnstiles, high-height turnstiles, optical turnstiles, contactless access, ADA-compliant gates and metal detectors.

The benefits of implementing these solutions include enhanced security, increased efficiency, regulatory compliance, improved access control and reduced costs associated with managing public events and venues.

The cost of crowd control solutions can vary depending on the type of solution and the complexity of the system. However, in the long term, implementing these solutions can result in reduced costs associated with managing public events and venues, as well as improved safety and efficiency.

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