How EAS Protects Critical Infrastructure in Puerto Rico

Oil & gas, transportation, energy, telecommunications…they’re all essential to a nation’s economy, security and health. Organizations within these sectors often require a sophisticated and complex security architecture for high level protection. That’s where we come in as expert security integrators. At EAS, we’re experienced in critical infrastructure protection in Puerto Rico (see our list of clients) and we offer seamless end-to-end solutions to monitor security, operations and safety.

Let us secure every aspect of your critical operations with:

1. Robust IP cameras

Critical infrastructure applications call for durable and reliable cameras that can survive the most extreme conditions, like Pelco‘s ExSite Enhanced (its robotic welded enclosure makes it nearly indestructible), the Esprit HD (featuring responsive, high-speed positioning capabilities) or the Sarix TI Thermal (able to detect activity in total darkness).

2. Pelco’s VideoXpert Video Management System

VideoXpert delivers an intuitive design and easy-to-navigate interface that effortlessly displays critical data. Its integrations and advanced analytics allow security professionals to monitor daily operations, easily see what they need to see (when they want to see it) and make fast, effective decisions remotely.

3. Cyber security and data protection

Attacks to ports, power grids, refineries and other critical infrastructure sites are on the rise, in both volume and complexity. With the considerable impact that an attack could have on an entire region, a resilient network is a must. We offer a suite of data protection solutions, powered by Infrascale, to cover your complete IT infrastructure.

4. Perimeter detection

Our robust line of products can deliver sophisticated intruder detection tech solutions to stop trespassers before they cause damage or become a liability.

5. Access Control

Sensitive sites require multiple and complex layers of clearance that also comply with regulations. We partner with AMAG TechnologyIDEMIA and other great brands for multi-factor authentication access control, biometrics, audit trail reporting, visitor + employee management systems and other sophisticated solutions.

6. EAS Service Program

With monthly visits, constant updates and other convenient perks, we can make sure that your investment retains its value and most importantly, that your physical and data assets will always be protected. Our Service Program will keep your system up to date and working as efficiently as day one.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ design when it comes to protecting critical infrastructure. Let our team consult and choose among the 40+ partners we work with, to create the perfect system. We have invested countless hours in research, education, and compliance with top-notch professional associations and regulatory agencies (at state and federal levels), to provide informed, current and legal assessments to a wide array of security applications. All our staff enjoys a higher level of clearance than it is customary in Puerto Rico, as we are authorized to work under stricter frameworks and environments with our TWIC (Transportation Worker Identity Credential) clearance for sensitive sites. (Read our post on why credentials matter!) Schedule an appointment with us and we’d be happy to advise on the best course of action.


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