Aiphone IXG Series IP Video Intercom

Connecting Multi-Tenant Buildings With the IXG Series IP Video Intercom

Today we’re showcasing a NEW and exciting product from our partners at Aiphone — the IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom. The IXG Series offers commercial building owners in Puerto Rico a streamlined way to provide an all-encompassing security solution throughout their entire complex. Combining the benefits of IP (mobility, scalability, better performance and lower costs) with the versatility of a multi-tenant system, the IXG Series video intercom is the ideal solution for a more connected environment. Keep reading to learn about its components and features.

IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom components:

  1. IP Video Entrance Station – The stainless-steel entrance station is equipped with a 7” LCD touchscreen for calling a tenant or entering an access entry code. A motion sensor will activate the screen when the visitor approaches. Once a call is placed, the visitor will be displayed on the tenant station or app using the 720p HD camera. Built‑in HID® reader connects to third‑party access control.
  2. IP Video Tenant Station – The tenant station is also equipped with a 7” LCD touchscreen and can answer calls from an entry station, guard station, or individual door station. Touching the key button will activate the door release associated with the connected entry station or door station.
  3. IP Video Guard Station – Video guard stations are an ideal component for buildings with staffed reception areas. Visitors can reach the guard or concierge staff from the entrance station to be transferred to the proper suite, for an additional layer of screening.
  4. Mobile App Gateway – The cloud-based mobile app gives users the ability to answer video calls from visitors and release the door remotely. Compatible with iOS® and Android® mobile devices.
  5. Elevator Lift Control Adaptor – With the elevator lift control adaptor, visitors will only be given access to the floor in which the tenant is located, helping to ensure the right people go to the proper floor.

All stations are PoE and compatible with Aiphone’s IX Series components and accessories. Tenant, guard, and entrance stations are integrated with Telecoil (T-Coil) to assist individuals with hearing loss or impairments while wearing compatible devices.

Are you interested in a commercial video intercom or other communications & infrastructure solutions?

Contact us! There are numerous ways to configure the IXG Series, or any of our intercom solutions. Leave it to our security experts to design the best possible system to meet your security needs. At EAS we’re experts at designing, implementing and maintaining a wide variety of security and IT solutions that work for you and we’re committed to protect your most valuable assets.

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