Coax to IP Made Simple with NVT Phybridge’s CLEER24

We love helping organizations in Puerto Rico leave analog systems behind and make the move to IP. (Just received an IoT Pioneer Award for our latest casino IP modernization project!) IP opens up your system to tons of features and brings mobility, scalability, better performance and lower costs. NVT Phybridge‘s CLEER24 managed switch is at the top of our list as a powerful enterprise-grade network solution that makes the modernization to IP simple, secure and cost-effective.

If you’re unfamiliar with switches, you should know these serve as a controller for your system, enabling communication between your network devices (IP cameras, access points, thin clients, etc). And managed switches are really the best switches because of their advanced administrative controls — offering superior security, flexibility and capacity than an unmanaged switch.

What makes the CLEER24 great is that it delivers fast Ethernet and PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) over coax. No need for costly new Ethernet cabling, no business disruptions and considerably less waste.  (Without this option, a large facility such as a cruise ship would have to replace as much as 750,000 ft of cable. That would mean over 11 tons of waste!!) Thus, the CLEER24 protects existing infrastructure assets, while creating a secure, robust and easy to manage path for IP endpoints.


All the features

✔ 24-port managed long reach EoC PoE switch

✔ 12X the reach of standard Ethernet switches (up to 4,000ft reach)

✔ No speed degradation with distance

✔ One of the most energy efficient switches on the market, consuming less than 17 watts of power to operate

✔ Plug-and-Play option

✔ Simple to use GUI interface


What this means to your organization

By upgrading with CLEER24, organizations in manufacturing, education, hospitality, healthcare and all sectors can:

  • Accelerate return on investment by reducing infrastructure costs
  • Simplify IP modernization, collapsing planning and deployment time
  • Eliminate infrastructure barriers, risks, disruption and costs
  • Create a robust plug-and-play IP platform that is easy to deploy and manage
  • Be environmentally responsible. Less waste!


Interested in upgrading to IP? Talk to us! Considering your space, goals, technology requirements and budget, we can design a system that’s customized to your business’s needs (and even grow with you). At EAS we are experts at designing, implementing and maintaining a wide variety of security and IT solutions that work for you and we are committed to protect your most valuable assets.



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