How We Secure Casinos in Puerto Rico with VideoXpert™ Enterprise

There’s A LOT going on at a casino environment at any given time. Crowds, fast-paced transactions, large sums of money changing hands… The industry certainly faces significant challenges to reduce fraud, protect critical assets and ensure client safety (while maintaining compliance). Robust solutions are needed, that allow for rapid detection and rapid response.

That’s where we come in.

At EAS, we’re leaders in casino security in Puerto Rico. Partnering with Pelco, a Motorola Solutions Company, we’ve designed and implemented IP-based systems in casinos across the island. And Pelco is a trusted partner in the gaming market, delivering advanced solutions for casinos everywhere. First on the list and our preferred solution? Pelco’s VideoXpert™ Enterprise Video Management System. See, a video management system (VMS) displays, records and manages video sources. The complexity of these systems often overwhelms the user experience, but not here. VideoXpert delivers an intuitive design and easy-to-navigate interface that effortlessly displays critical data. This enables casino surveillance teams to make informed decisions and quickly close cases.

VideoXpert’s great features:

  • Provides scalability and modular expansion (plan for growth!)
  • Aggregates VMS networks and manage all video through a single system
  • Browser-like interface that uses tab views for a single source experience
  • Allows the user to create and assign tags for very specific and dedicated search operations
  • Delivers the fastest video call ups and smoothest video experience in the market today
  • Intuitive controls relate to the new user (no costly training sessions)
  • Customized event alerts and real-time visual notification


VideoXpert™ Enterprise VMS

So many integrations!

With VideoXpert comes a long list of plug-ins and third-party solutions for event/alarm management, analytics, license plate recognition, point of sale and more. For casino applications, we can’t get enough of:

  • eConnect™ for Predictive Analysis

eConnect modules integrate transactional data with associated video and make it easily accessible via the VideoXpert single user interface. They maximize loss prevention—helping identify, track and predict theft. The Slot Events Module, for example, links slot system activity with video activity to monitor anomalies and potential vulnerabilities. Countdown™ Blackjack Module captures data from electronic blackjack shoes to identify the count, side bet probability and more for real-time alerts of advantaged players. Ticket-in/Ticket-out (TITO) enables surveillance to quickly monitor ticket activity throughout the casino floor. And the list goes on!

  • Mapping

The Mapping plug-in maps each gaming table or site location to each camera. There’s no doubt where the incident occurred, speeding up response time.

  • PlateSmart for license plate recognition (LPR)

LPR systems are widely used in casino environments to identify vehicles and their owners. PlateSmart®’s ARES (Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions) software integrates with VideoXpert to seamlessly join captured video with license plate events and data. As license plate reads occur, they are checked against the active rules, and an alert is generated if they meet the specified criteria, allowing for real-time monitoring alerts.

We’ll deliver the whole package.

Let’s not forget the cameras. Because VideoXpert Enterprise supports Pelco Camera Analytics, certain cameras provide additional features to the system. Analytics from the Sarix Enhanced IME, one of our favorites for casino applications, will alert operators of several behaviors: abandoned object, intrusion detection, camera sabotage, stopped vehicle and more. Other key solutions from our suite? Access control, intruder detection and our advanced data security services. From conception to fruition, we stand 100% behind our products and services to confidently equip casinos in Puerto Rico with end-to-end coverage that will meet all their security and operational needs.

In need of security and technology solutions?

Through our menu of specialized solutions, we can cater to the specific needs of many businesses in Puerto Rico. Not only casinos—but clients in retail, education, finance, and much, much more. Want us to evaluate your current systems or consult on a brand new installation? All you have to do is email us to get started.




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