Benefits of using a thermal imaging scope

We are all well aware of how difficult it can be to work in the dark. Having good vision is simply not a possibility so we have to rely on gadgets to enhance our viewing. Having a way to decrease the amount of effort we require with sight in the dark is a must for anyone who needs security or sight during night time without using lights. That is exactly the kind of solution thermal imaging scopes provide.

Long gone are the days of basic stealth when you had to look around in the dark with night vision scopes. Now you can find living beings through the incredible power of thermal imaging. There are some really amazing scopes available now that you can work with from the simplest to the most challenging. With incredibly long ranges, you can now spot any living being in a completely dark scenario. And as technology gets more and more advanced, a lot of new features are getting introduced to further enhance your experience. Before we delve into those perks, let us understand the basic hardware that provides the magic behind the picture.

Microbolometers – the infrared detector

A microbolometer is basically a compactly assembled set of heat sensors that are minuscule in size and have a sensitivity towards infrared radiation between 7 – 14 µm of wavelength. The array itself is also incredibly small in size and is, therefore, able to fit easily on the microchip controlling it. What happens is that when IR radiation is detected by the sensor, it raises the temperature of the individual elements that detects it. With multiple elements registering the temperature change, the microchip is able to convert that radiation data into temperature and subsequently generate an image. With the technology allowing the use of a large number of elements in a single scope, the imagery generated is smooth and high-resolution.

The biggest advantage of this system over conventional photon detectors is that it does not require any cooling and is able to work a lot better, toe to toe. In addition to the clearer imagery it produces, the level of maintenance required from this is a lot less frequent and less expensive as compared to a traditional photon detector. So, the initial investment you make on a thermal image scope covers for it in terms of product life.

Objective Lens

Nothing is captured by the microbolometer unless there is a high-quality lens in front of it to bring the picture into focus. Thermal imaging scopes come with a germanium lens that provides the backbone to the high-quality image you see on your scope. While the level of magnification on the lens can be anything you want and enjoy video surveillance for spaces any size.

Feature-packed vision

Nowadays, there are lots of useful tools attached to thermal imaging scopes that incredibly increase the versatility of the lens and its user. You will find features like fog and frost resistant AMOLED displays, high-resolution imagery, digital zoom support, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, built-in storage with video recording, rangefinder, accelerometer and so much more. We work with the industry’s best security cameras, CCTV, and video surveillance systems designed for exceptional performance in the indoor and outdoor environments. With so much to help you in enhancing your vision, keeping your perimeter secure will become an absolute breeze!

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