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Faster Failover Starts with a Faster Cloud: Backup Data to the Google Cloud

Your business’ data is perhaps one of its most valuable assets. Think of the catastrophe that would ensue if you lost your client correspondence, medical records, billing information, sales data and other privileged information overnight. Many SMBs dismiss planning a coherent disaster recovery (DR) policy because they believe such strategies are only for deep-pocket, enterprise-scale IT budgets. What can an SMB do? In the past, SMB-style preparation usually meant doing frequent backups and storing backup tapes offsite. Today, our company can offer more effective solutions that are also cheap enough to be affordable for businesses of any size. One of our favorites is the opportunity to Backup Your Data To The Google Cloud. We are proud to partner with Infrascale to deliver superior Data Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions to many businesses in Puerto Rico, which gives business owners and IT directors peace of mind regardless of the constant threat of cybercrime and natural disasters. We’ve made huge strides with two important IT enhancements, a robust software-based infrastructure, and the cloud. Thanks to Infrascale‘s fruitful partnership with Google, from the smallest workgroup to the largest enterprise, your business can rely on Google grade security to protect your most critical documents, media, and unique assets. Your data travels Google’s private network and is stored using the same secure infrastructure Google itself relies on.


Why Your Business Needs Data Backup and Failover Solutions:


  • SMBs often lack the IT resources and manpower to defend and quickly recover from prolonged periods of downtime.
  • Ransomware is the number one cyber threat on the planet. 70% of businesses hit by ransomware paid the hackers to regain access to systems and data. Of those attacked, 20% paid over $40,000 to retrieve data, while more than half paid more than $10,000*.
  • At an estimated $700 billion in losses per year, the average cost of IT downtime is about $9,000 per minute for most midmarket enterprises and complete unplanned outages, on average, last 66 minutes longer than partial outages.**
  • Data loss statistics suggest that nearly 3 out of 4 of the companies lose critical data – from lost mission-critical software applications to lost virtual machines to lost critical files every year. Also, more and more organizations are being breached by cybercriminals and no location, industry or organization is immune from attack.***


Backup Your Data To The Google Cloud

To help address these threats to uptime, we offer our clients the unmatched data protection solutions that only Google can offer with their namesake Cloud. Infrascale clients and the partners who serve them can replicate to Google Cloud, a platform that lets you focus on what’s next for your business, instead of worrying about the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. This powerful infrastructure improves the performance of backup and recovery for everyone. Here’s how it works:

  • Disaster Recovery in the Google Cloud – An efficient Disaster Recovery Strategy will protect your organization against server failures, site-wide disasters, and even ransomware attacks. If another hurricane hits, or if your employees accidentally give access to a ransomware attack, the data will be safe and you will be able to quickly recover a clean, unaffected version of your files and applications. Combining the vast innovation that Google has integrated into its data centers and worldwide fiber network, our software delivers guaranteed 15-minute failover of mission-critical applications in the event of a minor or major crash. In fact, our own testing for VM failover within the Google Cloud is lightning fast and measured in seconds, not hours.
  • Sub-second Archive Restore – Google Cloud delivers sub-second data availability and provides high throughput for prompt restoration of data. Competing systems take 4-5 hours to do the same data archiving tasks, offer substantially lower throughput, and often charge confusing and expensive fees for restore.
  • Global load balancers that scale to 1 million+ users instantly – Google Cloud’s built-in load balancers are part of a worldwide distributed system for delivering enterprise-class infrastructure to organizations, big and small — the same system that supports Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.
  • Faster boot times – Google Cloud Compute Engine instances boot in the range of 40-50 seconds, roughly 1/5th of the time required by competing clouds.
  • Reduced Latency – Google’s global network footprint, with over 75 points-of-presence across more than 33 countries, ensures you receive the same low latency and responsiveness clients expect from Google’s own services.


How To Get Started

Through our menu of specialized solutions, we can cater to the specific needs of many businesses in Puerto Rico. This powerful partnership gives us the opportunity to equip organizations of all sizes with much improved operational resiliency and ransomware insurance that’s affordable, simple, and secure. Never be left in the dark. Never lose or compromise the integrity of your business data. By combining the speed and innovation of our own failover services with the power and performance of the Google cloud, we can protect your organization’s most valuable assets – uptime and data. Get started today!


Sources: * IBM X-Force’s Ransomware, December 2016. ** Poneman Institute, Cost of Data Center Outages report, January 2016. *** The Cost of Server, Application, and Network Downtime: North American Enterprise Survey and Calculator, ISH Inc., January 2016.

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