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6 Reasons Why Cloud Access Control Is a Must

Last year we expanded our Cloud Services by partnering with Brivo for cloud access control. Now, more and more businesses and organizations in Puerto Rico are taking their security to the cloud and leaving traditional security systems behind.

Are you thinking about it?

Here are our top 6 reasons for making the switch to cloud access control:

1. Mobile convenience/driven flexibility

Cloud-based access control allows system administrators to manage access to your facility, from anywhere at anytime and on any device. No need to be on-site to administer settings, open the facility, or let someone in. And no need to store and track keys or credentials.

For employees and vendors, Brivo’s mobile experience allows them to use their smartphone to access the facility and open doors—without key cards, pin codes, fobs, or metal keys.

2. Reliable management & maintenance

Many organizations struggle to keep up with maintenance and updates to their servers. Using a cloud-based solution [also referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)] eliminates local servers and software—leaving the work to the cloud access control providers, who manage the entire service for you.

The SaaS vendor takes responsibility for deploying and managing the infrastructure (servers, operating systems, databases, application security, data center resources, networking, power, cooling, etc.) and processes (patches/upgrades, backups, database administration, etc.) required to run and manage the full solution. This results in higher uptime and increased reliability.

3. Simply better security

Anyone can get a hold of a key, replicate it and get access to your facilities. With cloud-based access control you gain additional security by having visibility into your location, receiving notifications and alerts, and using real time remote management to instantly revoke credentials if needed. You are also depending on a system that is built and maintained by security experts who are trained on the latest cyber threats.

4. Instant access to data

Because data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This means you can see who enters or tampers with your location in real time, so you can take corrective measures immediately. Brivo’s real time notifications will alert you when unsafe behaviors occur and log all activity so you can create preventative policies for the future.

5. Integrations

Cloud-based security solutions allow you to find new ways to incorporate security services into other applications that you use. Integrating Brivo with your current HR system, for example, can automatically grant access to new employees or revoke it when they leave. Or integrating it with your video surveillance system can connect access control events with video recordings to help you save time and resources. Today over 500 individual client applications interact with Brivo access control services.

6. Scalability

Software as a service (SaaS) technology gives you the freedom of scaling exponentially as your business evolves. With Brivo, there’s no limit to how many facilities or doors you can add. Whenever you are ready to expand your operations, you can easily add cloud-based access control to them. In addition, you can add as many mobile credentials as you need at anytime.

Want to talk about cloud access control and other cloud security solutions?

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Source: 6 Reasons Why Cloud Access Control Is a Must


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