The next level in data security.

With our complete suite of data protection solutions – we can help you cover your entire IT infrastructure. From servers to end-user hardware, we got it covered. Disaster Recovery as a Service and Cloud Backup are designed to fit your needs, so no worries about breaking the bank, our solution can provide peace of mind, without the need to invest heavily in expensive hardware, or software – welcome to the ‘as a service’ realm.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Rest easy with 15-Minute Failover. By eliminating expensive hardware and complex steps from the DR equation, we can bring your business back to life in minutes. DRaaS allows for both local and cloud backup, and our flexible pricing can adjust to any customer’s needs.

Eliminate downtime

With 15-Minute Failover you will be able to have your systems up and running in no time. Even if your server goes offline or your business experiences a major disaster, DRaaS can offer peace of mind with quick failover.

Ransomware mitigation

Don’t pay the ransom. With frequent DR images, your team can quickly recover operations by restoring a clean, uninfected version of your files, applications and systems.


No need for high upfront hardware costs. With DRaaS you pay for what you need and everything is included in your monthly installment. No hidden fees.

Cloud replication

For extra security, all of your data is replicated to the Infrascale cloud automatically. In case of a disaster, simply Cloud Boot, and your systems will be up and running in no time.

Multi-environment support

Our high-tech data security is available across a wide variety of platforms. Data security DRaaS is capable of managing Windows, Linux, VMware, KVM and Hyper-V.

DR testing

Testing is key and practice makes perfect. DRaaS allows for unlimited DR testing, that way your organization knows exactly what to do when disaster strikes. Business continuity done right.

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Infrascale Cloud Backup

Infrascale Cloud Backup is an enterprise-grade direct-to-cloud backup solution that protects servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, all in one solution. With flexible pricing, a centralized dashboard for managing the enterprise, and the option to choose a cloud provider, Infrascale Cloud Backup is built around your needs.

256-bit Encryption

Double-blind encryption provides ultimate data security by encrypting at the source, transferring through a SSL tunnel, and then staying encrypted at rest in the cloud. Rest assured with a 256-bit military-grade encryption and compliance with HIPAA, FIPS, FINRA, SOX, GLBA, and CJIS regulations.

Ransomware detection

Your team can quickly recover operations by restoring a clean, uninfected version of your files, applications and systems, with frequent DR images. Your data will never be held hostage in a cyber attack.

Protect all your devices

The safety of your data extends across unlimited devices, as Cloud Backup allows you to backup as many devices as you wish.

Access anywhere

All you need to access your files are an internet connection and your unique credentials. Anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited versioning

Unlimited versioning allows you to keep multiple versions of the same document or file. As you continue working on the document/file, you may restore back to the whichever version you need.

Bare Metal Recovery

The Bare Metal Recovery service allows clients to perform a complete system backup, including your operating system. In case of a hardware malfunction, you will be able to download a complete image of your computer and keep working as if nothing ever happened.

Advanced ransomware protection.

Infrascale offers an enterprise cloud backup solution which includes Anomaly Detection, to alert you when the number of “new” or “changed” files dramatically changes from established benchmark levels. The Anomaly Detection feature provides an important early warning system to quickly isolate a ransomware infection and allow you to recover important data before the entire network is frozen.

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